No. 1 song that will be a 2019 classic based on a 1959 hit but pure entertainment

In today’s music industry and radio world, a few female artistes are consistently chart toppers and producing really entertaining music. One of them is Ms Ariana Grande. Her worldwide Number 1 smash 7 Rings is a song we will forever associated with 2019. It’s a powerplay in, check it out.

Ariana Grande with this song is showing great confidence in a song that defies the critics. It’s simply great entertainment that links up with the music of yesteryear. 7 Rings is based on the Sound of Music hit song My Favorite Things by Rodgers and Hammerstein. In fact, the singer’s management has signed over 90% of the royalties of 7 Rings to the music company that managed the Rodger and Hammerstein repertoire. Listen out for it on where it’s a powerplay and song that will always be linked with 2019.

It land in January in the Billboard Hot 100 at Number one and is still in the Top 5. We thought we’d check it out on the World Station as a powertrack. Only the finest Hitz music of today makes on and this Ariana Grande single surely makes the great. A super video also.

A hit song that will be huge for 2019 is based on a 1959 classic – and that’s just brilliant

It’s the second number number me song for Grande and arguably her best deposit what the purists and critics say. The song has caused some controversy because of both its lyrics and music. For start when you hear it, you know you’ve heard it somewhere before. That’s because you have. Think Rodgers and Hammerstein and ‘My Favorite Things’ from the ‘The Sound of Music’ and you’ll be right. In fact, last month 90% of the music royalty rights to 7 Rings was signed over to Imagem/Concord Music which manages the publishing rights for Rodgers & Hammerstein. Just goes to show the original music is still the best and it is a great to see it being innovated with like this for something that is a very entertaining tune.

7 Rings has been a hit and indeed reached the number 1 spot in nearly every western country. It’s a classic and a worthy powerplay.

Ariana Grande is confidently defying the critics – better than the wailing and caterwauling of some new music

Like all the best music of old it’s just short of 3 minutes in duration. The song’s lyrics like Madonna’s Material Girl from the 80s leaves you in no doubt, this is about materialism but it’s good to dream. Ariana tells us how she has begun to enjoy her money and the better things in life that success in the music industry has to offer. Hell, it’s better than the wailing and caterwauling that some modern music people describe as the new scene. This is why we love it at, it’s pure entertainment and shows an act and singer who is obviously growing more confident so that she defies the critics.

What the critics don’t like is great commercial music again – at we love it

Indeed Ariana Grande and artistes like Cardi B are bringing  back the music business into the mainstream after many years as a cultural or even protest movement. The singer may be controversial but well, that’s show business today in a social media era. But the music is beginning to sound like the classical music of yesteryear. Today they are openly calling it retro and one critic of the song even referred to as ‘just about white’ which is the modern days is not so at good all. The remark was attributed to a tweet from Princess Nokia. Ironically, 7 Rings brings back rap into Ariana Grande’s music style also. A remix with American rapper 2 Chainz was launched in February.

New female stars of today are producing music that is great entertainment again

Ariana Grande’s new style in it has been been compared to Nicki Minaj but that’s good too. Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Ariana Grande are producing today very fine original music that is also great entertainment.

So 7 Rings is a smash hit which is going to define the year 2019. It is based on the 1959 hit ‘My Favorite Things’ yet it’s a new sound and fabulously entertaining. And that, ultimately should be all that music and the radio industry should be about.


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