We play Stephen Bishop and the theme song from the hit movie Tootsie

This week we fastrack a Stephen Bishop track on Capitol.fm where it joins his other great songs that we are proud to feature. ‘It Might be You’ was the theme song to the movie Tootsie and nominated for an academy award in 1983.

Stephen Bishop and his music are widely featured on the Capitol.fm Bangkok Hitz for some time. This week the World Station adds the theme song to the smash 1982 hit movie Tootsie, starring Dustin Hoffman and Jessica Lange to our fastrack playlist. The song was nominated for an academy award in 1983 but uniquely, was not written by the accomplished and prolific songwriter himself. The music of Stephen Bishop is perfect for quality radio listening and this song brings back a lot of memories. What’s more it’s about Love, a firm positive on your World Station – Capitol.fm

Capitol.fm loves the music of Mr Stephen Bishop. We play his greatest hit singles such as ‘On and On’ and ‘Save it for a Rainy Day’. Now we are pleased to add in ‘It Might be You,’ a record released in 1982 that was a big hit in 1983. You may remember it from the hit movie ‘Tootsie’ starring Dustin Hoffman which, although released at  the end of 1982, took the world by storm in 1983 and has been a favorite movie ever since.

The UK Pop invasion lead by The Beatles inspired a young Stephen Bishop to get a guitar

Stephen Bishop is from California and although he began his foray into music playing the clarinet, managed to switch the guitar in the 1960s when he convinced his brother to buy one for him. It was the era of the British pop music invasion of the USA and in particular The Beatles who appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and later played the Hollywood Bowl in their massive tours of 1964 and 1965.

Breakthrough record deal with ABC Records after Art Garfunkel recorded two of his songs in the 70s

Stephen Bishop formed a band called The Weeds which soon fell by the wayside. The songwriter and musician spent 8 years struggling eventually taking a job at a publishing house. His big breakthrough did not come until the 1970s when Art Garfunkel recorded two tracks written by Stephen Bishop. Bishop suddenly became someone in the industry. He secured his own record deal in 1976 with ABC Records thanks to the influence of Garfunkel.

Distinct sound of Stephen Bishop is perfect for quality music radio

Stephen Bishop has a distinct sound and it is very much the adult rock and roll sound of the 70s and 80s. His first single ‘Save it for a Rainy Day’ was a hit an reached Number 22 in the US Billboard 100. His next single and one of our favorites at Capitol.fm, is ‘On and On’, a classic that reached number 11. His album, at that time, had input from greats such as Chaka Khan and Eric Clapton. In fact, Clapton is on record as saying Stephen Bishop is one of his favorite artistes. His 1978 song ‘Everybody needs Love’ reached Number 32. Our song today, ‘It Might be You,’ reached number 25 in the Billboard Top 100 but has since became a favorite tune after becoming synonymous with the legendary movie Tootsie. The song, strangely, was not written by Stephen Bishop but performed by him which is highly unusual. The song was also nominated for an academy award for best original song in 1983.

Bishop has a curious and ongoing link with the movie industry

The single made Bishop’s music a special favorite for movie producers. Bishop wrote music for Phil Collins in a 1985 movie called ‘White Nights’ while his music appeared a whole range of 1980s moves such as Roadie (with Yvonne Elliman) and a movie called The Money Pit in 1986 among others. Bishop also made quite a few guest appearances in a range of movies from the Kentucky Fried Movie in 1977 to the famous Blue Brothers movie in 1980.

One of Stephen Bishop’s fans is a little bit controversial

His association with movies and movie roles continued well after that into the 1980s, 1990s and beyond. For example his music featured on Barney’s Great Adventure from 1998 and controversially, a character named Patrick Bateman, the deranged anti hero in the Bret Ellis novel American Psycho tells the readers that he is a great fan of the music of Stephen Bishop. So now you know.

The World Station loves Stephen Bishop and his great music

We are delighted to be confirmed fans of Stephen Bishop on Capitol.fm even if it puts us in the company of a deranged psycho from an American cult novel! From April 10th, you can hear the Tootsie soundtrack ‘It Might be You’ as a fastrack on our Bangkok Hitz playlist.

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